When you see it…. » 1207090484184

9 Responses to “1207090484184”

  1. Is it whatever’s under the car?

  2. yeah, unless its something under the car or in a window, I can’t see anything…

  3. johhhnnnnty Says:

    i do believes it the eye in the window. lol]

  4. I think it’s the fact the tire swing seems to be tied incredibly high up- the rope’s going vertical for over a hundred feet with no indication it’s starting to get closer toward the treet that it’s tied to

  5. i dont see sh’t

  6. Hephaeus Says:

    Right next to the tree on top of the left building: I think it’s supposed to be Slenderman.

  7. animal lover Says:

    there are red eyes and teeth under the car. you have to look really close

  8. Can’t you see it? The Lion hiding among the trees. Makes you shiver….

  9. There’s an eye at the far right of the screen.

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