When you see it…. » 1207091042957

7 Responses to “1207091042957”

  1. i dont see it…

  2. ………..
    OH. duh, the concert’s the other way. wtf?!?? XD
    the people on the stage behind even look pissed off.

  3. Barbarian Says:

    I don’t think thats it… i think thats just the control area for the stage its being taken from…

  4. so you see the microphone in the bottom left corner? its taken from the stage, dorks

  5. Maybe they mean the James Hetfield look-alike molesting the woman in the foreground?

  6. I bet some of these photos have nothing abnormal in them but are made to get people to stare at them trying to find something.

  7. its the huge bloned haired nigger

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